Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DayHike Haleakala

Haleakala is the highest point on Maui and the largest dormant volcano on earth.  A 2-hour drive in the darkness, climbing uncountable switchbacks, took us from sea-level to about 10,000 feet of elevation.
We arrived before dawn to see the sun rise from the east, as we stood at the top of the massive crater. 

The sky and clouds showed spectacular colours, the mist sank down the crater edges, and the sculpted landscape seemed to unfold with the new golden light.

Standing and observing from the top is a memorable experience.  But taking a 16 mile hike down, into, and through the crater is a much richer experience.  It is a rugged hike, with elevation decent and climb of 2000 feet.  The landscape is unearthly, with expansive fields of cinders and lava flows, a desert of sand from eroded peaks, and a very few rare and hardy Hawaiian plants. 

Inside Haleakala is a spectacular experience, but it takes considerable effort to get there.
Many ostomates will miss this experience because it’s ‘too physical’, or they could dehydrate, or won’t carry a backpack for fear stoma-rubbing or flange-peeling. 

YES we can.  Ostomates can DayHike to spectacular places.

Maui, February 2012

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