Monday, March 5, 2012

HockeyGear: Cup & Girdle

Hockey is the coolest game on ice.  Hockey has speed, contact, and violence.

Hockey is a GREAT game for those that love to play.

Hockey can be played by ostomates, with the right attitude and the right gear. 
I wear the best quality protection gear that is worn by all players.  I also wear some ‘specialty’ gear.  

For some protection from hernias, and for full-confidence that the flange stays in place, 
NuHope Ostomy Girdle

To protect my stoma from shots by the puck, or jabs by sticks, or hits by players, 
Stoma Cup by Convatec

Then I cover it all up with Spandex Shorts

I use Convatec Durahesive flanges because I play hockey twice a week, sweat a lot, and shower every day.  I change flanges every 6 days.

I’ve played over 80 games with a colostomy without any damage to my stoma. I have blocked shots, been speared by hockey sticks, taken hits by players and collided into the boards.  Never been hurt   Never had a leak or an explosion.  Never had an ostomy-related  problem.

Yes we can.  Ostomates can play hockey.

Read the full story of  my 
Comeback to Hockey 


  1. Wow. Great Action shot on the cover of the Phoenix Magazine. I think it's great to show the world you can go swimming and scuba diving.

    Glad to see you are living life.
    Surfs Up.
    Richard - Stealth Belt

  2. I really want to find the Stoma Cup by Convatec but I checked their website and I can't find it anywhere. Do you have any idea where I can find it?

    1. You're right the convatec stoma cup doesn't seem to have a product number. Check with your local ostomy supplier as they may have it in stock or at least will know how to get one.