Sunday, March 4, 2012


Many men will find reasons to decline a colonoscopy, 
even knowing it is a simple procedure and a proven lifesaver. 

A Colonoscopy could save your ass – maybe your life!

I sat in our hockey dressing room with 15 men, all over the age of 50.  There were subtle questions about ‘what caused it?’ with each hockey player quietly and cautiously wanting to avoid or prevent the same from happening to him.  

To a man, they all related to the red-neck attitude that prevents us from having rectal examinations and colonoscopies, even while knowing that these procedures are effective lifesavers. 

Even with daily rectal bleeding, I had refused any tests and examinations for 2 years.  

Earlier tests, with earlier detection, 
probably would have ‘saved my ass’ 
and I may have avoided the surgery 
and permanent colostomy
I watched the somber faces as I talked.  Over the next two years, I had more than 25 hockey players discretely tell me they had ‘that procedure’ done.  Several wives (mostly with tears) told me they had unsuccessfully ‘encouraged’ their husbands for years, but it was my experience that had convinced their husband to have the colonoscopy procedure done.  I am humbly pleased that others have benefited from my experience.

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