Friday, September 28, 2012

Nepal 2012 Hogus Arrives in Saskatoon

Today Hogus completed his long airplane flight from London, England to Saskatoon, Canada. This was just the first of many long airplane flights that Hogus will make.

Paul met Hogus at the airport and they soon stopped to take the first of many pictures of this amazing Hogus journey

Hogus' face told his story...

Zonked with fatique by the long flight  ||  Shy at meeting his new friend Paul  ||  Happy his journey was actually happening

Then Hogus met Tyla, WebMaster for LivingBiggerWithColostomy. Hogus and Tyla quickly became good friends. They thoroughly admired Hogus' wardrobe and gear, looked at the website, then sat for a

Over the next few days Hogus, Tyla, and Paul will have to work together on the Preparations for the Nepal2012 journey.
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  1. Welcome to Canada Hogus! Have a great trip!