Friday, October 5, 2012

CBC Radio & TV

CBC thought there was an interesting story in
"a 62 year-old, with a colostomy, trekking in Nepal". 

With some trepidation, I agreed to the interview on
CBC Radio, the Morning Edition with Sheila Coles.

This was a live interview.
No prior knowledge of the questions.  
On-the-spot responses.  
No way to cover the 'uhhs' and pauses. 
While on-air, Sheila Coles announced the theme:

"Colon cancer is something people may feel uncomfortable talking about, but one Saskatchewan man is sharing his story through blogging about a 34 day trek through Nepal".
Then the questions started. 

Hear the 7-minute interview at CBC Radio

Within a few hours, CBC Television News reporter Jennifer Quesnel asked for a Television interview. I agreed to meet her on-location where I was conditioning for the Nepal2012 trek ... climbing stairs with a 60 pound pack.

This television interview was much easier.  Questions and responses could be discussed in advance.  Mulligans were OK ... we could re-do snips that we not quite right. 
They shot 30 minutes of video - some talking-heads during the interview, and some action shots climbing stairs.  This was filtered down to a 2-minute news article.

The Television News lead with Colostomy Bag no Hindrance to Saskatoon Adventurer

"A Saskatoon man who faced colorectal surgery to combat cancer is not letting life with a colostomy bag interfere with his desire to remain active.  Paul Riome, 62, had surgery three years ago and is now in training for an adventurous 34 day trek in the mountains of Nepal.
'People recover, and with the proper positive attitude, we can certainly live at least ordinary lives,' Riome said Thursday, during a breaking in his training. 'I'm hoping to show we can live extraordinary lives.' 

Riome's doctor said his patient was in exceptional shape when he was diagnosed with cancer, noting his patient's remarkable recovery is likely due to a combination of excellent physical conditioning and mental fortitude.  

As part of his exercise regime, Riome is running up and down the staircase attached to Saskatoon's train bridge, while toting a 27-kilogram backpack.  
He leaves for his Nepal trip on the weekend."

See the newscast at CBC Television News

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