Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nepal 2012 Ostomates are so Fortunate

We are so fortunate to have an ostomy, because it means we get to live.
People in other parts of the world are less fortunate. 

I really wanted to meet an ostomate, preferably a child-ostomate, while in Nepal. It would make a great connection with Hogus and would probably be an opportunity to get that child a Gastronaut.

I asked our guide Ganesh Kulung, who knows many people in many villages, if he knew of an ostomate.

English is a second language for Ganesh but his meaning is very clear.

"Paul Namaste
Yes I know you have a colostomy and saw you are very strong. But in the context of the Nepal we rarely find persons with colostomy for reason that people who suffer by stomack cancer or other [bowel] problem will die because of not getting treatment. It is not possible to have treatment in Nepal so they need sufficent money for treatment and they must go to another country for treatment."

With an average annual family income of $450, the cost of treatment in a first-world country is prohibitive, so people with Cancer or IBD just die.

We are so fortunate to have ostomies, and to be alive.

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