Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nepal 2012 School on Guard

Hogus and Paul went wandering the streets of Kathmandu and walked by a large school gate just as children were leaving to go home. The school is actually a very old, and only paritally completed building ... cement floors & ceilings are done,but the walls are still open and there is no roof. You can see the 'school' in this picture.

A small group of girls saw Hogus and thought he was cute. As they huddled together and tittered, I took this picture.

Three girls asked me (in sign language) if I would take their picture. Dozens of other groups swarmed around for similar photos. After each picture the children would gather around to see the picture on the camera. They always giggled then moved away and another group would move in. They were all very patient and courteous as they waited their turn.

One particularly striking girl posed and this is what we saw.

With all the children gathered around us I noticed a security guard coming towards us. He had no smile on his face and I wondered if I was doing something wrong or if he was concerned for the children's safety. He pointed to the camera and I showed him a few pictures, then he gestured and I realized that all he wanted was for me to take his picture.

All Nepalese school children wear school uniforms. Children whose families cannot afford to buy the school uniform are not allowed to go to school. So children of very poor families just don't go to school. Most children attend until age 10 or 11 then they are finished their schooling and start working to make enough money to live.

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