Monday, October 29, 2012

Nepal2012 Gudel Celebration

School was canceled today so all the school children could attend the celebration.  It was a surprise to us but it became quickly apparent that we were guests of honour at the celebration. 


 We walked a gauntlet of 300 school children who adorned us with flowers and prayer scarves.

Many children performed local dances to music delivered by a loudspeaker driven by a cell phone. 

The Maoist representative for the area gave an impassioned speech about Nepal's richness in geography and people, yet contrasted to Nepal's poor economic situation.  He spoke highly of Ganesh who employs many Nepalese people through his guiding business.  He was also sincerely thankful that our group committed $5000, which would be enough to build a 3-room school house that was so important for the education of the next generation of Nepalese children.  Gudel honoured Ganesh, his wife Maia, Ashok, and their father. This was a very proud day for Ganesh and his family and we were so happy for them.

We have now trekked 5 days from Tumlingtar to Gudel. covering 31miles (50kms).  
We have climbed 20638ft (6290m) and descended 11927ft (3635ft)
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