Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nepal 2012 GoogleEarth 3D Maps

Overview Map of our Nepal 2012 Adventure.  
We will trekk from Tumlingtar to near Mount Everest BaseCamp 152miles (244kms) 
and climb Gokyo Ri, Kala Patthur, and Island Peak

We will CLIMB a total VERTICAL of 16miles (25kms)
(the equivalent of 31 trips UP the tallest building on the planet)
(or the equivalent of 7 trips from Everest BaseCamp to Everest Summit)

Trekking Days [1-5] Tumlingtar to Gudel  
Climbing 20,638ft (6,290m), covering 31miles (50kms)

Trekking Days [6-10] Gudel to Phakding
Climbing 26,996ft (8,228m), covering 37miles (59kms)

Trekking Day [11] Phakding to Namche
Climbing 2691ft (820m), covering 3miles (5kms)

Trekking Days [12-15] Namche to Gokyo
Climbing 7806ft (2379m), covering 14miles (23kms)

Trekking Day [16] Gokyo to Gokyo Ri to Dragnag
Climbing 2697ft (822m), covering 3miles (5kms)

Trekking Day [17] Dragnag to Chola Pass to Loboche
Climbing 2691ft (820m), covering 5miles (8kms)

Trekking Day [18] Loboche to Gorek Shep
Climbing 1104ft (336m), covering 3miles (5kms)

Trekking Days [19] Climb Kala Patthur
Climbing 1376ft (419m), covering 1miles (2kms)

Trekking Days [19-20-21] Climb Kala Patthur, then trek Gorek Shep to Dingboche
Climbing 1925ft (587m), covering 10miles (16kms)

 Trekking Day [22] Dingboche to Island Peak BaseCamp 
Climbing 2713ft (827m), covering 7miles (11kms)

Trekking Days [23-24] Island Peak BaseCamp to Summit & return to BaseCamp
Climbing 3690ft (1124m), With Slopes of 64%, covering 2miles (3kms)

Trekking Day [25] Island Peak BaseCamp to Namche
Climbing 5096ft (1553m), Descending 10075ft (3071m), With Slopes of 74%,

covering 18miles (28kms)

Trekking Day [26] Namche to Lukla
Climbing 3937ft (1200m), Descending 6368ft (1941m), With Slopes of 61%,

covering 10miles (16kms)

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