Friday, November 2, 2012

Nepal 2012 Lost in the Dark

We had an easy 8 hour trek through the most spectacular scenery.
  • Waterfalls that cut straight lines from the top to the bottom of a mountain.
  • Pine trees on very steep slopes obliquely illuminated by the sun.
  • Semi tropical forest shrouded in mystical mist.

As we crested a mountain near the end of the day and the sun was in the golden hour we saw the village of Gudel. Most houses were at the bottom of the valley but others were perched on the terraces above the village. We spent too much time admiring the idyllic view and darkness enveloped us as we descended into the village. 

Wearing headlamps and picking steps carefully through the stone steps we wandered among the maze of footpaths leading into and around the village. With help from our guides and suggestions by local people, we found our way to our tents.This is what we saw for the last half hour of our trekking today.

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