Friday, November 9, 2012

Nepal 2012 My Child

Today was a much easier day traveling just 8 hours rather than our 11 hours from the days before. But it was stair-climber steps all day long. As we climbed above the clouds the mist rose past us and exposed spectacular near-vertical rugged terrain.

We stopped for lunch in a small village where men were mixing mud to cover the stone walls on their house. These working men notice Hogus, and through a pantomime compared Hogus with each of their faces and joked at who was Hogus's father.  Then each of the men held Hogus, laughed, saying 'My Child'.  I took pictures and showed them, causing more laughter.

Near the end of the day we crossed a high ridge and the 'pissing down' rain started. We all arrived at our tent-village wet and cold. We changed into dry warm clothes and nestled into our sleeping bags to regain some body heat. Soon Santos arrived outside my tent saying 'Yes please Paul, tea for you'. What a luxury to have hot tea delivered right where I layed in my sleeping bag.

Elise lost a lot of body heat, and being very adaptable she used a giant pot of hot water as a heat source.
Hogus and I stayed warm in our sleeping bag and wrote this post.

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