Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nepal 2012 No food at Tumlingtar

The Kathmandu airport was chaos but our guides helped us through the maze of people and the process.


There was a long discussion at the check-in counter about our group being overweight by 180 pounds (our packs, not our people :) ).  We were each allowed 38 pounds for our personal gear but we also had tents, cooking equipment, and food. We passed through security and onto a bus that drove us to the plane. But our food bags had to be delayed until tomorrow.
Our only food was the eggs that Santos carried so carefully.

It was an amazing flight low and below the clouds seeing the mountainside terraces that have taken hundreds of generations of people to carve, all with simple tools.


So on day 1 our itinerary changed. We would have to stay overnight in Tumlingtar and wait for our food bags to arrive next day. We wanted to tent but there was no land available so we stayed at a fine lodge.

It's good to be adaptable.

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