Friday, November 16, 2012

Nepal 2012 Sorry Chicken

Santos, our cook, makes some very special meals in very rustic kitchen spaces with very simple equipment.  The portable stoves burn kerosene. 
The local village people help with preparing the food. Tonight Santos made a special meal for us which would be considered a luxury - chicken.
But there is no refrigeration in the countryside and teamleader Tami has had some very bad experiences with food poisoning. On a prior trek 2 young men had eaten some meat and got so violently sick that they considered a medical evacuation flyout. But 3 days of serious discomfort and being left behind the group to recouperate then several hard days to catch up to the rest of the team and the boys were OK. So Tami 'highly recommends' we eat vegetarian during the trip.
An unfortunate miscommunication - our cooks prepare a luxury meal, that most of our team reluctantly declines to eat. Our team felt badly for our cook's disappointment. 
Fortunately the chicken was not wasted - the guides and porters ate well that night. Being properly built with an ostomy and having a 'cast iron stomach' I ate my chicken anyway. 
Updated a day later ... I had no ill side-effects from the chicken.
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