Monday, December 17, 2012

Nepal 2012 Hurting

Everybody gets hurt.     It's not IF ... it's WHEN, and HOW BAD, and for HOW LONG.
Our team would trek for over a month in Nepal. We would all get hurt with something. We would be self-sufficient for all medical issues. We would 'keep moving' regardless of our hurts. We would adapt to the 3rd world environment that we chose to explore.
Many things would be different from our home country.
  • The water is different (we filtered or boiled or treated the local water).
  • We slept in unheated tents or lodges even when it was well below freezing.
  • Physical exertion far exceeded our normal activity-level (we climbed a VERTICAL of 16 miles!).
  • We ate local food and chose to be vegetarian. (no refridgeration made any meats risky).
  • Hydration requirements of 4-7 litres a day far exceeded our norm.
  • Oxygen levels at 50% of our normal caused many problems requiring adjustments.
  • Feet, knees, and muscles were not pre-conditioned to the rigours of 8-12 hour days over rough terrain.
  • Toilet facilities were 3rd world.
  • A 'good meal' means one that 'goes down and stays down'.
Our team was remarkably adaptable and adjusted to the 'present environment' gracefully. We had each self-assessed our own tolerances, and had chosen to be part of this Nepal 2012 team. We each knew we would be challenged physically and mentally... and that was part of the allure of this journey.

Everyone got hurt on something. Nobody got hurt on everything. 

But as a team, we got hurt on...

Incapacitating Leg Cramps, Diarrhea, Diarrhea blowouts (with and without ostomies), UTI, Fatigue, Constipation, Projectile Vomiting, Loss of Appetite, Dehydration, Nausea, Torn Quad Muscles, Foot-Blisters, Degenerating Hips, Blackened Toes, Lost Toenails, Lockup Knees, Rapid Weight Loss, and Altitude Sickness with Screamer Headaches and Lethargic Legs. 

From a prior Nepal journey, one trekker compared her accumulation of hurts with Chemo Treatments during her 2nd fight against breast cancer. She never quit and she never complained.

I have highest admiration for MC, who hurt a lot yet showed few signs of that hurt. MC had GI problems for most of 3 weeks but kept moving every day even while weakened by eating/retaining less that half-rations, weight loss, and dehydration. Sometimes she would just quietly retreat to her tent at the end of a hard day but she NEVER complained, and she NEVER quit.
 Hurting was part of our journey.  We absorbed it.  It didn't consume us. 
So many rich experiences overpowered these minor hurts.

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  1. Looks like a lot of pain, and a lot of gain. Congrats on an excellent journey!