Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nepal 2012 Long Climb to Namche

 The map looks deceptively easy, but it's a long hard grind to climb a 66% slope for hours. Just 2.7miles (4.6kms) seems like an easy day. But the GoogleEarth 3D map and the Elevation Chart shows a challenging climb near Namche with a relentless steep slope that can humble the even the best-conditioned trekkers, and turn powerful legs into rubber.

But Namche will be easy to find as it is clearly marked by the Nepal Ministry of Tourism.

The trail is so steep that switchbacks are necessary and many valleys are crossed by trestle bridges.
The trail is rocky, rough, and steep. Even the powerful porters move slowly up the relentless 'Namche Hill'. 
But there is a strong sense of accomplishment, and the exuberance shows when we rest at a plateau, before challenging the next rise.

Namche is nestled into a bowl, and the buildings follow the contours of the mountain. Here is the view after climbing above Namche.

Namche Bazaar is famous as a trading centre with goods moving up from Kathmandu and down from China. 
Mules and jopkeys carry the freight right down the cobble-stoned main streets of Namche.

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