Monday, December 10, 2012

Nepal 2012 Toughest Per Pound

Bir Badur is an amazingly strong man. Pound for pound he is the strongest man I have ever known.
Bir doesn't know his weight because he doesn't have a bathroom scale, because Bir doesn't have a bathroom in his house.

Paul is 150 pounds (70 kgs) and is 5'6" (167.5 cm) tall.
Two nurses on our team both agree that Bir probably weights 90 pounds (40 kgs) and is about 4'10" (147 cm) tall.

Bir carries this load of 90 pounds (40 kgs) (the same as his own weight) all day long up and down steep inclines, over rocks, streams, and tressle-bridges. And he never complains and he never quits smiling.

Check out the calves on Bir.

[Our team consciously chose to treat our porters well, consistent with the new Porter Progress initiatives. We chose to pay them top-end wages, carry light loads, and carry for the same hours that we trekked. When we rested to acclimatize for a day we paid our porters for that day-off. We gave or loaned them warm clothes. For part of our trek Bir and a few other porters chose to carry heavier loads, for increased wages.]

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