Monday, February 4, 2013

Nepal 2012 Julbo Eye Protection

Brilliant sun, reflective snow, and high altitude is a recipe for eye-damage. Julbo Eyewear gave me the eye protection I needed for my Nepal 2012 adventure.

Trekking and climbing without eye protection could result in incredibly painful snow blindness or permanent eye damage. I decided to take 2 pairs of sunglasses. Firstly, so I would have a backup in case a pair was lost or broken. And secondly, to match the right sunglasses to a variety of demanding conditions. I chose Julbo Explorer and Julbo Whoops, both with the best quality lenses available.

Where the mountains were covered with snow and ice, and the sun was blinding, I wore my Julbo Explorers. They reduced visible light transmission down to 5%, and gave me maximum protection from the harsh sunlight in these extreme conditions. The comfort and fit was excellent, even while wearing a toque or a helmet.

For trekking in the harsh subtropical sunlight, or approaching the snow-covered mountains, or meeting Holy Men in Pashupatinath, I wore my Julbo Whoops. I liked the wrap-around coverage to protect from glare, and they fit and stayed in place even with sharp athletic movements.

We trekked to the village of Gudel, where few traveling-guests have been before. Many of the people do not really know what they look like, as they have no printed pictures and no mirrors.  Their best images are from looking at a reflection of themselves in still water. As a courtesy and a personal connection, I always show people their picture.  I had taken pictures of these 3 women, then showed the pictures to the elder woman. She was in awe, and couldn't imagine or understand how that magic camera worked!

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