Friday, March 1, 2013

Nepal 2012 Gudel, Nepal School Fund

I write this on behalf of the 400 children who attend school in the small village of Gudel, Nepal. Our aim is to help this community achieve a much-needed new school facility and to give all the children in that village the opportunity of a better life through education.  We have so much ... they have so little ... we can help.

We were part of a trekking group that visited Gudel in October, 2012.
A small donation from us sparked the beginning of construction of a much-needed new school room and improvement to their playground facility. This money was received with such gratitude that we were humbled and overwhelmed. Seeing the need, and knowing the ability of people in our country to help in addressing that need, has motivated me to encourage you to contribute to this effort.

Our group is not a formal charity. We cannot offer tax donation receipts. What we can offer is the assurance that 100% of the money raised will go to support the construction of Gudel School. There will be no administration costs nor deductions from the money raised. The only purpose of the money is to ensure the new school will be completed.  Our commitment to you as a participant is that all funds raised will be used for that purpose.

Nepal and it's people are unforgettable - whether you are someone who has been fortunate enough to travel there, or whether you have followed with interest another’s travel experience. This is a practical way that you can help the most humble, respectful, and caring of people help themselves and their futures.

You can donate online at
Mail Cheques to
Gudel Nepal School Fund
151 - 615 Stensrud Road
Saskatoon, SK S7W-0A2

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