Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nepal 2012 Think Before Complaining

Trip Leader Tami of TwoFeetOneWorld delivered a thoughtful message to our team,
but the message could also be appropriate for many people at home.

"This is not a 5-star tour. This is a rustic, challenging, mountain experience in one of the poorest countries in the world. Talk if you have an injury or an altitude-induced issue. But I don't want to hear if you are bored with the food. I don't want the negativity that brews when downers in the group start to impact the good nature of the group. Negativity is like CANCER to a group. Remember that some of us have experienced real CANCER, and petty complaints don't have any place in the grand scheme of life.

If you are about to lodge a complaint, FIRST look around you. Do you see the child standing there in bare feet in the snow? Do you notice that the door shielding the three dirty faced children is made of cloth not wood? Did you notice the porter carrying a heavy load was wearing flip-flops on his feet? Do you know the average life expectancy in the Khumbu Valley is 45?

After realistically considering your surroundings and appreciating that we as Canadians have the freedom to travel, can buy any food we want, drive comfortable vehicles on paved roads, live in warm houses with hot and cold running water, and have the best health-care system in the world ... ONLY THEN ... consider if your complaint is justified."

Tami has delivered this message on each of 7 trips to Nepal. No one has yet lodged a complaint.

The message is simple and powerful
in the rugged and challenging environment of Nepal.
The message is also a humble reminder for many of us at home.

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