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FREE GASTRONAUT PUPPET to any Canadian Child-Ostomate

Gastronauts Canada
Who are the Gastronauts?      
Gastronauts are puppets-with-ostomies, created to help child-ostomates
to understand and become comfortable with their own ostomies.
Over 4000 child-ostomates world-wide have received their own Gastronaut,
to help them recover from surgery and to adjust to their new ostomy lifestyle.

Ostomy Nurses and Doctors use Gastronauts 
to explain to children about their own ostomies,
or about their parent's or grandparent's ostomies.
Other Gastronauts, like Hogus, do adventure travel
with an adult ostomate, and share what they learn
with child-ostomates around the world
... showing child-ostomates that they are not alone
and they can live ordinary (even extraordinary) lives


Canadian Chapters who may donate Puppets
A growing number of ostomy associations are recognizing these puppets as a worthy cause. They raise their own funds, buy puppets, and donate them to child ostomates in their areas.

BC   Vancouver Ostomy Association            

AB   Edmonton Ostomy Association                       Fred Hermany

SK   Saskatoon Ostomy Association                  Wand Dansereau 
                                                                                  Diane Boyd

SK   Regina Ostomy Chapter                                 Muffy Truscott

MB   Winnipeg Ostomy Association                       Lorrie Pismenny

ON   Belleville, Quinte West and Area Chapter      Joan Sindall

ON   Hamilton & District Ostomy Association         Roger Ivol

ON   London & District Ostomy Association            Ashley McFarlane

NF   Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter             Carol Wells

NF   Gander & District Ostomy Association            Delilah Guy

How can Gastronaut Puppets be free?
Liz&Phil Prosser of  ICOEF and Paul Riome of LivingBiggerWithColostomy and some Canadian UOAC Chapters have collaborated to bring a little comfort, happiness, and optimism to child-ostomates. 

Gastronauts are the vision of ICOEF who supply puppets at their cost and pay international shipping to me. 

A few Canadian UOAC chapters have embraced the cause and raised funds to pay for puppets for child-ostomates in their region.

For child-ostomates not associated with these UOACanada chapters, I donate the puppets personally.

I pay all the Canadian brokerage and shipping costs. 

Happy Children is our Reward
We love to receive and share pictures of child-ostomates with their Gastronaut Puppet

Privacy -  We will not disclose nor sell your personal information.  Pictures are shown only with permission.

Gastronauts available around the World

Gastronaut Hogus & the Gastronaut Patron for Canada
Paul Riome was chosen as the Gastronaut Patron for Canada,
having made Gastronaut Hogus one of the most-photographed and most-blogged
of the entire Gastronaut family.
Hogus & Paul, both Ostomates, trekked and climbed for 36 days in Nepal.

Gastronaut Hogus was very popular with the Nepalese children

Hogus & Paul have shown other Ostomates 
(and especially Child-Ostomates)

We are not alone

We can do anything we want to do, 
and be anything we want to be

We can live ordinary [even extraordinary] lives

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