Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nepal 2012 Cooks & Meals

I have heard that some trekkers complain of the bland repetitive meals in Nepal, but no complaints from our team. We're not complainers, and Santos prepared amazing Nepalese meals.
Dal Bhat is the traditional Nepali staple food,
 generally eaten twice a day, for a lifetime.
The basic recipe is steamed rice and cooked lentil soup, with herbs and spices such as coriander, masala, cumin, and turmeric. It is sometimes topped with eggs, chicken, goat, or fish.

Our guides and porters preferred Dal Bhat to any other meal. 
Smiling Janga frequently promoted it's value as the high-energy trekking food with
 "Dal Bhat power ... 24 hour"

Santos and his team cooked our meals over a portable kerosene stove.
Sometimes open-air along our trail, sometimes under a tin-roof shelter, and sometimes in a tent
But never anywhere that resembled a kitchen

Santos made potatoes interesting, with at least 6 different recipes 
A boiled potato, skin-on, was a common and highly appreciated mid-day snack


Porters carried the staples of rice, noodles, and spices.
Eggs, cheese, milk, and vegetables were bought from local people along our trek

Santos and crew worked hard, with only basic equipment & ingredients, to prepare good meals

A butterfly stopped to admire Santos's food presentation

One supper I noticed a bug in my tea, and inconspicuously and quietly removed it. Uttam Kulung must have been watching, and quickly brought me another cup of tea.
I said  "Uttam ...  it's OK, it doesn't matter.

I don't care about a bug in my tea"
Uttam respectfully took my old cup and gave me the new cup, saying

"but WE must care"
It was a small event, shared only by Uttam and me, but shows the pride these Nepalese people have in striving to do their best for their guests.

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