Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nepal 2012 Chitwan Park

After 4 weeks of trekking, and the exhaustion of summitting Island Peak, we were worn out.

Chitwan Park in Nepal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and seemed like a good place to relax and recharge before flying back to Canada.  It has a subtropical environment teeming with mammals, birds, reptiles, and vegetation... a welcome contrast to the cold bleak rock and ice near Mount Everest.

On an elephant Safari we were lucky enough to see rhinocerous, crocodiles, and so many birds.
In a village near the park, we met local people living now as their ancestors traditionally had
 (but with a conspicuous influence of Western clothing).

Seasonally, people still collect thatch grasses for roofing their huts.
Seemed dangerous to carry loads of thatch across a river frequented by crocodiles.

A visibly frustrated and irritable bull elephant was being worked to keep him tired and easier to control. It was breeding season and this old bull really wanted to be somewhere else. We were impressed with his physical power, massive tusks, and breeding gear.

Our day ended with a glorious sunset
and a rare glimpse of a lone rhino.

And a long look back at the mountains we had trekked and climbed.

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