Thursday, May 23, 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

It is nice to be recognized by peers.  Only peers know the effort and mindshare it takes to blog with cause, content, pictures, and a piece-of-yourself.  Fellow-blogger Heidi Skiba nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. I am humbled and  honored that she thought of me.  During my recovery from cancer & colostomy surgery was my first exposure to social media and blogging.  Heidi’s Outdoor Ostomy was one of the first, and remains my favourite and most-read site.  Heidi has a permanent ileostomy, yet is amazingly active with climbing, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.  Check out her informative and inspiring site at

Most of the blogs I follow are written by Ostomates with positive life-affirming determination, who share their adventures & challenges & zest for life.  These people inspire me.  Here are 15 of my favourites.
… And a few mostly-unknown facts about me

[1] I was the first player in my hometown to wear a hockey helmet.
Fifty years ago, nobody wore a hockey helmet.  But I took a severe concussion while  playing hockey (with bleeding from both ears and both nostrils, and 5 days in a hospital).  My dad bought me a helmet, and gave me a clear choice - wear the helmet or don't play hockey.    In 1962 hockey helmets were just leather and felt.

[2] Rode a palomino quarterhorse for a few years.  Bareback and without a bridle all winter.  

[3] Worked as a hard-rock driller and explosives-expert in an underground nickel mine.  
A mile (1.6kms) underground .  For 5 summers,  while a university student. 

[4] Grew up in the late '60s and early '70s.  
Listened to Bob Dylan, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Eagles...

[5] I have been hard on my body.
Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body
but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, and shouting
"Holy Shit ... What a Ride"

A quick count of injuries (mostly from 57 years of hockey)  ... 
3 concussions requiring hospitalization, 12 broken bones, 3 shoulder separations, over 100 stitches, 2 missing teeth, and 1 torn knee.  Oh yes, and 1 permanent colostomy with resection.
And a colostomy hasn't changed my lifestyle.
All 5 pictures are with Colostomy

[6] Social media is inconsistent with my core personality.  
I am more comfortable trekking or canoeing in remote places, and without cellphone or internet access

[7] I have 2 grandchildren and 1 on the way

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  1. Hey Paul ... some great photos of you from the old days! Too bad we did not know each other back in the 60's ... I think we would have become good mates back then! Wish you were doing Mehra Peak with Roy and I this coming Sep/Oct!!!
    Cheers - Lennie