Thursday, June 6, 2013


We often hear people talk of their troubles,
and see how their troubles consume them.

Sometimes it is enlightening and healing

to put those 'troubles' in perspective.

From a life-perspective,
most 'troubles' are really just unfortunate inconveniences.

Like all of us, Dwight has a few unfortunate inconveniences.
He lays down most of the day, otherwise fluids drain south through a hernia  ... that's inconvenient.
He loved construction, but he gave away all of his tools, knowing he will never build again ... that's unfortunate.

But Dwight also has Real Troubles.
Dwight will die of pancreatic cancer within the next few months ... that's Real Troubles
Dwight has a son & daughter, but he won't live to share in their lives ... that's Real Troubles
Dwight has 5 grandsons, but he won't see them grow up ... that's Real Troubles
Dwight has been married for 46 years, and his wife will soon be a widow ... that's Real Troubles

Many of our family members recognize the pettiness of our own 'troubles'
compared to Dwight's Real Troubles.
Many stresses, complaints, and unhappy situations have been averted by saying ...

We just have minor inconveniences.   Dwight has Real Troubles.

Just maybe ... this life message applies to people beyond our family.
"I hate winter" ...   Dwight would love to live to see another winter.
"I hate housework, or my job, or yard-maintenance" ...  Dwight would love to live to do that.
"I hate my ostomy and its inconveniences" ...   Dwight would love to live, and happily accept an ostomy.
Next time your own 'troubles' start to consume you, think with a life-perspective.
We mostly have unfortunate inconveniences.

Dwight has Real Troubles


  1. Man, talk about a reality check... Remember Dwight with prayers, as his family will... Get on with life!

  2. Prayers and blessings for Dwight.