Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Piss-Off Point

Our remote northern cabin has no neighbours within a mile, and no 'standard' toilet facilities. Just an outhouse, of course with no running water. And for the boys, our urinal is aptly named Piss-Off Point. (To be politically correct, any spry women are also welcome to use it)

The original Piss-Off Point was just a sloped rock at the end of a rocky & lumpy trail. Apparently some of our male guests are getting older and less stable on their feet, particularly after a beer or two.  There was concern they may fall on the rough trail, or maybe lose their balance swatting a mosquito while perched on the rock and urinating.

As an ostomate, I don't have much interest in the outhouse, but volunteered to spent 2 days improving Piss-Off Point. A wide and flat trail leading to it, logs along the side of the trail to guide us at night, and a flat platform of rock and cement to keep us standing stable. 


But with an enticing and peaceful view of the lake, 
which will still distract us from our immediate duty.


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