Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ostomy is a Beautiful Thing

As a positive pushback
to the Cincinnati Police inference that ostomies are disgusting
and no way to attract someone of the opposite gender ...
Many people showed 
Having an Ostomy is a Beautiful Thing
 because for many of us, it is 
A LifeSaver

You may spot me at Column 12 - Row 3

Yes, some people were offended that Lt. Joe Richardson attempted to reduce juvenile crime and shootings by scaring them with the horrors of a colostomy.  But his comments have given our Ostomy Community a great opportunity to change the perceptions and stigmas of people with ostomies. 
We heard a negative story, and made something positive from it.
When it all clears, the world will be just a little better
as another ignorance has been dispelled
and replaced by a new understanding. 

Awestomy initiated the  #right2remainsexy campaign
and produced a Poster and a Video
Download the HD version
of this poster HERE  
(see me column 12, row 3)
or View the Video HERE
(See me at 3:09)
>>> Read the original story that created this event HERE
>>> Read CNN Doug Yakich's Inadvertent Discrimination article HERE
>>> Read my letter to the Cincinnati Police Chief, and his Letter of Apology HERE
>>> Download the Awestomy poster 'Having an Ostomy is a beautiful thing'  HERE
>>> View the Donna Mear video   HERE 

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