Thursday, August 15, 2013

Smooth or White

We spent a week helping our daughter and son-in-law move between houses. 
And spent some quality time with 2 grandchildren.

Everyone helped moving boxes,
including Holly, Angus, and Hogus

(by the way, HOGUS got his name from
HOlly and anGUS).

Hogus and Grandpa took 6 truckloads
of garbage to the city dump.

Angus is well attuned to "boys toys". He liked the big moving truck. He was so excited to drive grandpa's truck. Even the choice for books to read before bedtime was 'Diggers and Dumpers'.

Even the 'Chalet' had to be moved. Grandpa wondered how to move the roof, then recalled carrying a canoe on so many canoe-trips.

Maybe that's why Canadians are sometimes called

I've heard that ostomates shouldn't lift heavy weights, as they could be prone to hernias. 
I heard but didn't listen.

There is still a lot of work to be done at the new house. 
Boxes to be opened and rooms organized.                                   And stairs to be installed.

Grandma was insistent that I shave daily.

Holly and Angus liked the white beard.
The friendly debate continued with
Grandma insisting SMOOTH
Holly and Angus insisting WHITE 

Being a compromising type
and trying to keep everyone happy,

I shaved half-n-half ...

Smooth on one side
White on the other side!

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