Monday, February 17, 2014

OstoSolutions Ostomy Pouch Disposal Seal

For outdoors or public disposal of ostomy bags. 

The OstoSolutions Ostomy Pouch Disposal Seal is an odor-control product that seals closed-end and drainable ostomy pouches. It is a lightweight seal, made of recycled plastic, that is snapped into the coupling ring opening of your ostomy pouch. So now we can dispose of the used pouch in a 100% odor-proof manner, or store it odor-free for disposal at a more appropriate time and place.

Here's what it does for ostomates

Discretion: Odor-proof means better concealment of a pouch change.
Simplicity: Ostomy pouch change in less than 20 seconds. Less time means less odor.
Flexibility: Ostomy pouch changes in any private setting, standing or sitting, without the need for a toilet.

Dominic Paratore of OstoSolutions contacted me and asked if I would try his product and give real-life feedback. I am always looking for better ways of doing things, so said yes.  
[I sometimes get free-trail products, but never take money for testimonials]

I was concerned about the durability of OstoSolutions Seals under harsh conditions, so I used and tested it in a variety of circumstances over the past several months. 

Freezing.  It is a common occurance for me to change bags in the cold (like as low as -40degrees), then carry the used bag all day, with the contents frozen solid.  I wouldn't be happy if the OstoSolutions Seal got brittle and cracked when frozen.  So I did an experiment in our freezer and outside at -40degrees. The OstoSolutions were bent, twisted, and pounded without breaking or cracking or disconnecting.  So I was then confident they would be hardy enough for my cold-weather situations.

Pressurizing.  Hiking and backpacking in sub-tropical environments means I need to carry a used bag all day in my backpack.  As the heat starts the fermentation process, the gasses expand.  I know that ziplock seals fail under these circumstances, with the smell permeating my backpack.  I had to know if OstoSolutions Seals would survive this heat and pressure.  For my experiment I filled the bag with boiling water and added an effervescent Nuun tablet, covered the filter-vents, then snapped on an OstoSolutions Seal.   I let it expand until the filter-vent cover failed ... but the OstoSolutions seal held.  

Heat. After the pressurizing test I was very confident the OstoSolutions seal would handle my rough real-life treatment.  But I did want an extreme-heat test.  So I set up a bag filled with water, covered the filter-vents, then snapped on an OstoSolutions Seal. Then I microwaved it until the the filter-vent failed, the water drained out, and the interior lining of the bag shrivelled and failed.  But the OstoSolutions Seal remained fully intact and attached to the coupling ring.

With the OstoSolutions Seals surviving these extreme circumstances 
I was confident they would work in my rough outdoors circumstances. 
And here is my real-life experience

Hunting.  I am out in the bush from sunrise to sunset, and of course there are no toilet facilities. And it's very cold so I don't want to expose much skin for very long.  I can do a bag-change with OstoSolutions Seal in 20 seconds, standing up.  Depending where I am, the 'package' is left in the truck-box or my backpack and freezes quickly.  The package is dropped in the gargage can at home.

Hockey.  Most skaters want to 'skate on an empty stomach'.  I also want to 'skate with an empty bag', so I change bags in a public washroom just before each game.   Previously, I was conscious of the lingering smells when leaving a used bag in a ziplock or newspaper sleeve in the washroom garbage can. Now I leave a used bag with an OstoSolutions Seal and there is no residual smell.

Hiking & Backpacking.  Never are there convenient toilets, and it would be environmentally damaging to discard used bags near a trail.  So I would carry used bags inside ziplocks in my backpack and discard properly later.  I didn't like the smell in my backpack as it permeated my clothes, sleeping bag, and food. I was particularly conscious of the smells when carrying shared food with a group. Never had a spill inside my backpack, but often thought how inconvenient that would be.  The OstoSolutions Seal gave me much more confidence than a ziplock or newspaper sleeve.

Friends & Family Houses.  I hate leaving a stink in someone else's house.  I reduce that by minimizing exposure - using an OstoSolutions Seal is faster and more effective than a ziploc or newspaper sleeve.  I still make a point of discarding in the exterior garbage, rather than in the bathroom garbage.

I like the fast, discreet and odor-proof advantage of OstoSolutions Ostomy Pouch Disposal Seals.  I will continue using them for outdoor adventures at any temperature.

Learn more at OstoSolutions.
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