Saturday, August 2, 2014

Mountains to Climb - Great ComeBacks

Following is the keynote speech, given at the 
Ostomy Canada convention in St Johns Newfoundland on  01-Aug-2014 
while accepting the 
Renaissance Great ComeBacks Award 
as National Ambassador for Canada

Now Available on YouTube

Introduction was by Patrick Corriveau of Convatec...

The Convatec Renaissance Great Comebacks Award is designed to recognize ostomates who:
have made significant achievements in his/her life following their ostomy surgery
and made a meaningful contribution to the community or to others around them 
and contributed to eliminating prejudicial misconceptions relating to people with ostomies.

Paul Riome is our Western Regional Recipient and also our National Ambassador
for the 2012 Renaissance Great Comebacks Awards.

Paul has lived and shared an active lifestyle with an ostomy. 
He shows us by doing … that we can live active and healthy lives with our ostomies. 

Paul and his ostomy puppet Hogus have climbed mountains near Mount Everest in Nepal. 
With his website he shares these adventures,
including many personal and graphic ‘ostomates-only’ experiences.
These stories attracted 140,000 readers from 146 countries.
CBC Radio and TV, and The National Post all carried positive messages to inform and influence both ostomates and non-ostomates across Canada.

Now here’s Paul with a brief slideshow titled “Mountains to Climb”.