Mar  2012    Phoenix Magazine         Comeback to Hockey
June 2012   StomaWise                     Living with an Ostomy in 1938
June 2012   C3LIfe                             Living Bigger with a Colostomy
June 2012   CARHA                           Penalties for Not Listening - 100,000 Hockey Players
July 2012     StomaWise                    My Story: Paul Riome
July 2012     C3LIfe                            My Grandma Mabel's 1938 Ostomy
July 2012     HockeyCanada ASHN  Penalties for Not Listening - 80,000 Hockey Players
Sept 2012   Stomawise                     Hogus & Paul Trek the Road Less Travelled
Sept 2012   United Colon Vlog          Embracing Life Contest Winner
Oct 2012     CBC Radio                    Trekking Nepal after Colon Cancer 
Oct 2012     CBC Television News   Colostomy Bag no Hindrance to Adventurer
Dec2012     Hollister                          WorldOstomyDay PhotoContest Calendar
Dec2012     WEGO                            Health Activist Award Nominations
                                                                   Best in Show - Blog              Health Activist Hero
                                                                   Best in Show - Facebook    Rookie of the Year
                                                                   Best Kept Secret                  Unsung Hero
Jan2013  Ostomy Canada                Trekking the West Coast Trail ... with a Colostomy
Mar2013  Financial Post                   The Decision of a Lifetime  
Apr2013   ICOEF                               Gastronaut Patron for Canada
May2013  Versatile Blogger              Versatile Blogger Award
Sep2013  Convatec                           Renaissance Great Comebacks Recipient Announcement
Sep2013  Convatec & UOAC           Great Comebacks Award - Western Regional Recipient
Oct2013  Convatec & UOAC            Great Comebacks Award - National Ambassador for Canada
Jun2014   Ostomy Canada               Sharing Stories Giving Hope
Aug2014  United Ostomy Canada    Mountains to Climb - Great Comebacks Keynote Speech
Aug2014  YouTube                           Moutains to Climb - Great Comebacks Keynote Speech

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