My ostomy is not as good as the original equipment, but I get to live!
Cancer and Colostomy gave me an attitude adjustment. 
I appreciate life more than before. 
I do more of what I want, and less of what others think I should do.
Early on, I resolved that after surgery I would do everything that I could do before surgery.
Since then I have stretched the target, and I now do more than I did before.
Three years ago my doctor told me I could have a perfectly normal life with an ostomy. 
I didn't believe him then. I do believe him now.

I am humbled and inspired by others who share their adventures & challenges & positive attitudes living bigger with their ostomies. These are some of my favourites.
There are also many sites that provide excellent information and advice. 
Here are some of my favourites.

Here are a few sites that followed Hogus and Paul in Nepal.


  1. Thank you for including me among these outstanding blogs and their creators. It's a great honor. I have to give you them credit because I wouldn't have thought of mine had it not been for the wisdom of yours and theirs.

    All my best,

    1. Thanks for your kind words Cary. We each seem to live our own real lives, then reach out to share with others who have similar challenges. I relate quickly with all these authors, including yourself ... recognizing the drive, never-quit attitude, and the joy for living. We are so fortunate to be able to be active, while so many others cannot. But I know our stories have a positive impact by encouraging others to become more active in their own lives, whatever 'more active' means to them

  2. Hi Paul,

    I was honored as the eastern regional recipient for the great comebacks award last year and I was so inspired reading everything on your site. Would you be willing to put my website on your links as a resource?
    To survive, I relied on my creativity. While in the hospital, I discovered painting, as a way for me to express what was too painful and too overwhelming for words. Eventually, it became my lifeline. Through accessing my passion and creating art, I found my voice, once again, which was empowering when I needed to be heard most. Now, my goal is to inspire others through my art, performance and writing. My site is and my blog is Thank you so much so this wonderful resource :)

  3. Great website Amy. I have added you to my LINKS page as a valued and inspirational resource.