Hogus&Paul in Nepal

Both with Ostomies.   Trekking & climbing mountains.  Sharing what we learn from this Adventure.

Click the links to follow Hogus and Paul in Nepal
                                                               Nepal 2012 The Dream
                                                               Nepal 2012 The Plan
                                                               Nepal 2012 GoogleEarth 3D Maps 
                                                               Nepal 2012 444 Toothbrushes
                                                               Nepal 2012 Hogus to Join Paul
                                                               Nepal 2012 Conditioning
                                                               Nepal 2012 Hogus Arrives in Saskatoon
                                                               Nepal 2012 Preparation
                                                               Nepal 2012 Ostomates are so Fortunate
                                                               Nepal 2012 Travel Canada to Nepal
                                                               Nepal 2012 School on Guard
                                                               Nepal 2012 Everest Hardware
                                                               Nepal 2012 Baktapur
                                                               Nepal 2012 Hogus meets Holy Men
                                                               Nepal 2012 Monkey Temple
                                                               Nepal 2012 No food at Tumlingtar
                                                               Nepal 2012 Sorry Chicken
                                                               Nepal 2012 Penalties for a day off
                                                               Nepal 2012 Lost in the Dark
                                                               Nepal 2012 Ganesh Takes us Home
                                                               Nepal 2012 Gudel Celebration
                                                               Nepal 2012 New Friends for Hogus
                                                               Nepal 2012 My Child
                                                               Nepal 2012 Ostomates Only- Heat Induced
                                                               Nepal 2012 Running on Empty
                                                               Nepal 2012 Rock Star Hogus
                                                               Nepal 2012 Just Chilling
                                                               Nepal 2012 A Toothbrush for Every School-Child
                                                               Nepal 2012 Flat day... NOT
                                                               Nepal 2012 Long Climb to Namche
                                                               Nepal 2012 Toughest per Pound
                                                               Nepal 2012 Who Carries the Load
                                                               Nepal 2012 Hurting
                                                               Nepal 2012 Hogus Summits Gokyo Ri
                                                               Nepal 2012 Glacier Crossing
                                                               Nepal 2012 Chola Pass to Loboche
                                                               Nepal 2012 Hogus Summits Kala Patthur
                                                               Nepal 2012 Oasis of Heat - Yak Dung
                                                               Nepal 2012 Island Peak Base Camp
                                                               Nepal 2012 Hogus and Paul Summit Island Peak
                                                               Nepal 2012 Hogus and Paul Descend Island Peak
                                                               Nepal 2012 Ostomates Only - Skipping Stones
                                                               Nepal 2012 Ostomates Only - Cold Induced
                                                               Nepal 2012 Exhausted
                                                               Nepal 2012 Julbo Eye Protection
                                                               Nepal 2012 Khumbu Cough
                                                               Nepal 2012 Ostomates Only - Disposals
                                                               Nepal 2012 No-Stink Icebreakers
                                                               Nepal 2012 Mountain Slow
                                                               Nepal 2012 Carry an Osprey
                                                               Nepal 2012 Gudel, Nepal School Fund
                                                               Nepal 2012 Think Before Complaining
                                                               Nepal 2012 Where's Waldo? Where's Hogus?
                                                               Nepal 2012 So Wealthy
                                                               Nepal 2012 Petzl
                                                               Nepal 2012 Ostomates Only - Better than an Outhouse
                                                               Nepal 2012 Cooks and Meals
                                                               Nepal 2012 Millions of Steps
                                                               Nepal 2012 Chitwan Park
                                                               Mountains to Climb

Who is Hogus?

Hogus is from a family of dozens of Gastronaut puppets.  These puppets were created to help children understand and become comfortable with ostomies.  Nurses use Gastronauts to explain to children about their own ostomies, or about their parent's or grandparent's ostomies.  Over 4000 child ostomates around the world have received their own Gastronaut, to help them recover from surgery and to adjust to their new ostomy and lifestyle.  Other Gastronauts, like Hogus, do adventure travel with an adult ostomate, and share what they learn with child ostomates around the world ... showing ostomates that they are not alone, and they can live ordinary lives - even extraordinary lives.

Hogus the Gastronaut was created through the collaboration of TheBowelMovement and StomaWise 
Hogus Travels to Nepal
Hogus flew almost around the world ...  England - Canada - Korea - Nepal
Hogus will trek Tumlingtar to near Everest BaseCamp, and climb Gokyo Ri, Kala Patthur and Island Peak

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