In 2009, at the age of 59, I was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer.
The prescribed treatment was Resection and a Permanent Colostomy.

This has been an amazingly positive life-changing experience.
...   I am alive

...   I appreciate life more than before

...   I had been given a mind & body capable of adventure, athletics, and challenging physical activities,
        but I needed to prove to myself that

        everything I could do before-colostomy, I could still do after-colostomy

...   I have since upped that target, and am now
        doing more with my colostomy, than I did before my colostomy

...   I am now living my bucket-list, rather than just dreaming my bucket-list

LivingBiggerWithColostomy.com is written to
spark positive attitudes by ostomates and about ostomates
to inspire each of us to live bigger

Some people are inspired and motivated to live-bigger with their own lives. Good on them - it's their own inner strength and personal power that creates that motivation.  I take no credit for any inspiration or motivation ... I am just doing what I do, and being who I am ... and if that helps others then I am happy for them.

We can live ordinary (even extraordinary) lives.

You can read MY STORY (as submitted for the Great Comebacks Award)

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  1. Hi Paul,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and I also nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, even though, I know you received this already from Heidi @OstomyOutdoors. You are probably aware of the steps but they can be found on my blog post here:


    No worries, if you don't want to go through the process (honestly it does take awhile) but I wanted to share your site with my readers, as well as acknowledge you and the amazing work you are doing!

    ps thank you for including a link to my blog on your site. It is an honour to be included with so many courageous crohn's/colitis crusaders :)

    With warmth and gratitude,